Cosmoteer can be a pretty complicated game at first, even though there are a fair number of tutorials helping you. Sometimes the tutorials don't explain enough however, so this section is explaining the basic controls, and hosting some beginner tips. This section is only covers main topics, and not the details of each gamemode, nor in-depth guides.

Controls Edit

Right Mouse: Travel to a location. Hold to adjust ship facing

Left Mouse: Select, this can be used to choose exactly which ship you want to command. Like most RTS games, you can drag the left mouse to create a box with which to select multiple ships

Scroll Wheel: Zoom in/out

Center Mouse Button: Pan the screen so long as it is held.

WASD or Arrow Keys: Pan camera

Spacebar: Pause

Main Menu Edit

Main Menu

In the top left:

  • New Game
  • Load Game
  • Multiplayer

In the top right:

  • News
  • Exit

In the bottom left:

  • Settings
  • Mods
  • Ship Library
  • Community

In the bottom right:

  • Credits
  • Send Feedback